BBG owns and operates in over 30 countries in Airports, Trainstations and Hotels.

  • BBG owns and operates in over 30 countries in Airports, Trainstations and hotels.
  • BBG gives additionally, operator long distance services to over 500,000 additional public phones around the world.
  • Our payphones are equipped for coins, chip-cards or credit cards.
  • BBG has now a new line of Payphones that allows users, aside of telephony services, to surf the Internet, send e-mails and text messages.


  • BBG is a major player in the distribution of prepaid cards.
  • We produce and manage prepaid phone cards with worldwide access numbers.
  • BBG pre-paid cards offer a convenient and easy way to make calls when you are away of home or office.
  • You can use BBG pre-paid cards from a BBG phone or from other types of phones.


  • Broadband Phone Kiosks for Internet access.
  • Broadband Pay Phones may be accessed either with coins, chip cards or credit cards.
  • At BBG Broadband kiosks, you can surf the web, send and receive e-mails, send text messages to mobile phones, and on some models yes, still make telephone calls.
  • BBG Broadband Pay Phones allows you to experience web sites up to ten times faster than the standard connection.


  • Contact us for sizes and rates to place advertising in our networks of public telephones.

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