BBG how gives long distance operator services to over 2'250,000 hotel rooms

  • BBG has significant experience in marketing long distance services to hotels and resort facilities around the world.
  • BBG now gives long distance operator services to over 2'250, 000 hotel rooms.
  • BBG provides the best customer service in the industry by providing local representation to service the hospitality industry in more than 100 cities worldwide and work closely with local management needs.
  • BBG has printed millions of custom made face plates and tent cards at our customers specification.
  • Our objective is to offer lucrative commissions, increasing Hotel's revenue from operator-assisted services, while providing their guests additional calling options.
  • Among BBG's clients, you find the most prestigious leaders of the Hospitality Industry such as Starwood, Four Seasons, Hyatt, IHG and Marriott International.

Operates in over 65 countries and with many Telcos and large hotel chains as their channel partner for Operator Assisted Services.


Over 500 live operators + automated systems with support up to 10 languages.


State of the art reporting systems, and extensive switching and networking capabilities.


BBG owns and operates in over 30 countries in Airports, Trainstations and hotels.

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