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At BBG we are always searching to exceed our customers experience with creative intelligence by optimizing services that are underserved or niche opportunities. This is the reason for our vigorous and constant growth.

To create and develop globally, new, smart and efficient business opportunities, by satisfying niches in the telecommunication industry for tourists and travelers worldwide.

  • BBG Global, AG. has become a industry leader in OAS (Operated-Assisted Calls)
  • Offers the most comprehensive billing and collection services available.
  • Over 500 live operators + automated systems with support up to 10 languages.
  • Service to over 2,250,000 hotel rooms.
  • Operates in over 65 countries and with many Telcos and large hotel chains as their channel partner for Operator Assisted Services.
  • Has service and agents worldwide.
  • State of the art reporting systems, and extensive switching and networking capabilities.
  • Currently processing over 300m/minutes per month with available capacity for 700 million minutes/month.
  • BBG is a payphone operator with presence in MEAE and Asia.
  • BBG gives operator services to over 350,000 public payphones around the world.
  • Industry leader in credit card fraud prevention.


  Principal Strengths
  • A talented management team
  • Innovative business models
  • Market penetration
  • A strong and stable base of international customers, expanding rapidly.
  • Unleveraged (no debt) internally generated growth.
  • Intense work-ethic

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